Twitter Live

View the world in real-time.

A Product Concept For Twitter

Twitter Live is a product concept we came up with for how Twitter could be visualising their content. It’s a new way to discover tweets by using geotags to plot them on a map.

Presenting the results on a map shifts the social media paradigm into a more immersive experience, allowing users to explore the world around them as it’s happening. It also provides non-users with a unique platform to re-engage with Twitter.

The ability to set constraints on geographical location, time, popularity, content type and keywords helps to sort through Twitter content at a high level of granularity. This gives users the unique power to:

  • Discover popular news, events and venues around them right now
  • Visualize real-time content posted at a specific event or location
  • Access historic posts made at a particular location or timeframe
  • Search a user’s post history by location
  • Engage with new users that they might not have otherwise found

These designs are for illustration purposes and are not affiliated with Twitter in any way.