Need to satisfy that creative urge?

Looking for some inspiration to uplift that bare wall in your house or office?

Need to satisfy that creative urge inside you? Maybe you like to put a personal touch on your surroundings by customising everyday things or you could just have limited funds, but still want to have some “stand-out” furniture. Well then, scrap hacking is for you.

“Upcycling” is the art of taking some pre-existing objects and upgrading and recycling them simultaneously to create something new. Repurposing old objects is nothing new, but we seem to have lost touch with it. The true masters of reappropriation are farmers. Due to the remote locations in which they work, the sometimes-tight financial periods and the cost of materials, they never throw anything out. Everyone I know who is involved in agriculture are compulsive hoarders, everything is reused in unusual and initially unintended ways.

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Typically in the days of old, furniture would be handed down so that future generations could enjoy it (everyone knows an elderly relative who is preserving their couch for the afterlife under a thin clear plastic film). But, with the availability of cheap furniture (thanks IKEA) and the disposable nature of it, we just seem to throw it out when it no longer “fits” with the rest of our stuff (or hide it under some dust for a year and then throw it out). But, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and with the do-it-yourself guides available online, all the hard think work has been taken out of the equation.

Jump online, get a little inspired and let the kid inside (or in some cases on the outside) break out and get creating. It is quite fun to look through all the genius (and sometimes not) ways in which people have made something amazing and useful from things that were not (or were, but just not in my eyes). As much as we would all love to, you don’t need to be MacGyver and start from scratch as light sand and a coat of paint can breathe life into almost anything. In the world of scrap hacking, an old wooden door with four legs from IKEA can become a funky table and wooden palettes can become desks, coffee tables or anything else provided your handyman skills and imagination are up to scratch.

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