The Single Guys.

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

Who are “The Single Guys”?

Just over a year ago, a friend of ours suggested we try a new café that had just opened up locally. Upon entering The Single Guys, we were immediately taken with the branding and fit-out. Yet would their coffee be equally impressive?

I believe we returned to The Single Guys no less than four times that week and have continued to visit ever since. In fact, it is fair to say that their coffee powers many of our designs. We even buy their beans (that they sell online) for our coffee machine in the office so we can still get our fix when we can’t make it out.

The Single Guys, source and roast all their single-origin beans and sell them; wholesale to other café’s, in smaller quantities in their online store (for all you home brewers out there) or as a finished cup ready to drink in their café situated at Kenmore in Brisbane’s west. They also cater to overseas needs with international shipping available.

The Single Guys

We were actually pretty pleased to get the opportunity to build their website, not only because they are a great group of people, but also because things are always easier when you are enthusiastic about helping others find a product that you know and love. But don’t take our word for it, explore The Single Guys products for yourself.

The Single Guys

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