Sketchy Process.

From British artist Nathan Walsh.
Sketchy Process

Photorealism painting at its best.

I find it amazing that British artist Nathan Walsh has been able to successfully achieve such a level of realism.

When you ask yourself the question “how does he do it?” you immediately come to the logical conclusion that he has taken a photograph and then translated it to canvas. However, this is not the case. Walsh uses only detailed sketches of each landscape as a base to create a more detailed architectural blueprint and from there he begins to apply the paint. In a way, he recreates the image from scratch.

“Duplicating the flatness of a photograph or a series of stitched together photographs is of no interest to me. A camera lens will have a fixed focal length and a software package will obey a set of algorithms. The reproduction in paint of these mechanical processes negates the human experience of responding to the world.”

Nathan Walsh

From his preliminary drawings, you can see the work that goes into getting the proportions and perspective absolutely perfect and I think that the end product is verification of his astonishing attention to detail. It is not surprising that each painting chews up 3 to 4 months to reach completion.

Sketchy Process Sketchy Process Sketchy Process Sketchy Process

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