Reflecting on Design.

Mirror nature.

Impact vs Design

You would have to be living in denial if you are not, in some way, aware of our impact on the earth. The word “sustainable” has been thrown around a lot more frequently and I would hope that some of the message is getting through that we need to be less destructive and more inventive in order to preserve what we have left.

I like to think that our “impact” should also be considered in visual terms. Some people want nothing more than to create a modern marvel of architecture that dwarfs the surrounding structures and firmly puts the whip and chair in the face of nature, driving it back into submission. But, there are also those who love and want to be a part of that wilderness with a relationship of mutual respect and co-existence. I am not alluding to camping, hippies or tree hugging, but more towards low impact housing solutions that allow a merging of comfort, modernity and still allow you to feel as though you are piece of the landscape.

Reflecting on Design Reflecting on Design Reflecting on Design Reflecting on Design

I consider the “Mirrorcube” as a way of facilitating this relationship between nature and living, without having to compromise in the aesthetics or comfort. Swedish architects Bolle Tham and Martin Vidødård conceived this project as a way of merging art, design, efficiency and sustainability. It is a way of re-establishing a link with nature. It’s a short-term getaway from the city for a while to reconnect to the earth and yourself.

You cannot deny the idea is wonderful and the execution is stunning, but what impresses me most is the way that they have incorporated an infrared film into the wall that remains visible to birds, but invisible to humans which reaffirms the low impact nature of the project.

Practically, I would not like to endure a storm couped up in one of these, but I can certainly envisage the rewards that would come from a relaxing sleep amongst the trees. Can you see yourself taking time out in the Mirrorcube?

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