Less Limits.

10 x 8hr days and 700 cans of spraypaint.

Limitless was shot and edited by local Brisbane producer Selina Miles using what she refers to as the “hyperlapse” technique.

Eventhough this has been online for a little while now, I am still impressed by it. It’s hard not to be blown away and with almost 9 million views on Youtube, I am not the only one.

It took ten, eight-hour days to shoot, about 700 cans of spraypaint (courtesy of Ironlak) a whole team of artists and a hell of a lot of patience.

While I have seen this technique of filming appear before, you cannot deny that it is an innovative way to film graffiti and we particularly like the animated cut scenes that tie everything together. If you are interested to see more of Selina’s work, you can do so here. Click here to view Limitless. 

Less Limits Less Limits Less Limits Less Limits

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