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Art of Kinetic.

Art Of Kinetic

I once read that you cannot become a good author, without first reading a large number of books and it is impossible to be an excellent designer without first having consumed an immense volume of old and new design. A short time ago, whilst satisfying our diet of design, we came across a company called Art Of Kinetic and were so impressed that we decided that we must share it with you.

You don’t need to be in the market for a super-luxury speedboat to be able to appreciate the workmanship and dramatic yet elegant lines of this modern masterpiece. The details in the design of the vessel itself demonstrate the thought, care and attention poured into each boat. For us, it is equally impressive to see that the same level of attention is consistent throughout their logo, photographic images and even onto their website.

Its All AOK Its All AOK

You must take the time to wander through the “photography” sections for each of the vessels from their collection. But, be warned, it’s easy to lose track of time in the fantasy of cruising the French Riviera in one of these (it does not cost anything to dream…. right?).

While the profile shots of the “Hedonist” slicing through the dark seas are impressive on their own, the little interior and exterior details are what really unite the refined and highly finished atmosphere that oozes from their flagship. It is the perfect marriage of mahogany, leather, stainless steel, glass, design and function. Plus it’s a pretty nice cover to throw over three, 800hp Rolls Royce Hydrojets.

The one word that springs to mind when considering this company as a whole is “uncompromised”. Would anyone out there care to share his or her thoughts?

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