Denny Design Bike.

Design eye for the cycle guy

A bike for all occasions.

What began as entering a bike design project with the purpose of building a bike specifically for your unique city environment, turned into something else for design consultancy Teague and custom bike builder Sizemore.

The original brief seems simple enough, however when you consider that Teague and Sizemore are physically based in Seattle; a hilly city with unpredictable rain and accessible trails just out of town, things become a little more complicated for the designers. While the terrain and conditions would have to be taken into account, consideration into the way we use and think about bikes must also be paid.

Denny Design Bike

"We have a ton of hills, steep hills. We obviously have rain as well, so those hills can get slippy in the wet. So we were trying to have a bike for all occasions: something that you were comfortable riding downtown, but if you wanted to hit the trail, if you wanted to head out to one of the farmers markets, you didn't have to think about your bike or plan the day around the bike as you set out.”

The finished design is versatile and tech rich without advertising the fact. The bars incorporate a removable bike lock the functional parcel tray contains indicators for the city streets as well as the battery for the electronic drive assist and the hubs contain the gearing. It’s the little things that make this design stand out for me such as the drive belt instead of a chain, the LED’s in the seat post and the minimal fender and automatic gearing.

The Denny is a bike for any situation. It comes packaged will all the possible accessories you would ever need so there is nothing to think about when you leave home, you just ride. With all the attention its been getting and with production models in the works, it seems like the philosophy behind the Denny is shared by many. Watch the video here.

Denny Design Bike

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