Carbon: Dating well.

Activate-able flexible carbon fibre

Recently, we had the opportunity to design and develop a website for a forward thinking company who created a flexible fully cured carbon fibre.

With the adaptation of this material came new opportunities for them and carbon fibre is now utilised in a whole range of industries and applications. Carbitex has currently collaborated to produce designer luggage and shoes amongst other industrial applications, however I expect that this list is exponentially growing.

Due to the material having incredible strength and being ultra lightweight, it is employed in more and more scenarios where these inherent properties are valued. While adding flexibility to this list has expanded its range of usefulness, you get to the point where you think “ok so where does it go from here?”. Well with the help of some of those big brains over at MIT, you can now program its movement.

“What we’ve done in the past six months is try to develop a suite of materials that have different activation energies, like heat, light, water, air pressure…”.

Skylar Tibbits (Self-Assembly Lab MIT)

By printing different materials onto the flexible carbon fibre, they have come up with a way to manipulate the fibre. When you consider that air pressure and temperature can be used to activate movement, you realise the potential in the context of aerodynamics and air-cooling in the automotive and aviation industries.

In the not too distant future, I can imagine a Formula 1 car curling all surfaces to maximise downforce as it dives into a hairpin corner, then responsively flatten out again as it speeds down the straight. Where do you think this material will take us next?

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